Moyer talks return; Mayberry on fire

I read a couple good articles on this morning.

The first has to do with Jamie Moyer. The 48-year-old left-hander, who opted for Tommy John Surgery over the winter, is not ready to retire and is eying a return to the majors in 2012.

In Phil Sheridan’s article, Moyer talks about how he enjoys the “retirement life” yet isn’t ready to make it an every-day activity.

“For me, this is all I know,” Moyer said last week. “It’s the first time in 40 years I haven’t been playing baseball at this time of year. I still felt last year that I could compete.”

Moyer can begin throwing in May.

With his hot play, the Phillies could be looking at Mayberry as more than just a temporary bench guy replacing Dom Brown. (Yong Kim/Inquirer)

The other article that jumped out at me was by Bob Brookover on the hot spring John Mayberry, Jr. is having.

Mayberry is batting .353 with three doubles, four homers and nine RBIs. With numbers like that, he could go from fighting for a roster spot to getting some serious playing time with Ben Francisco while Domonic Brown is nursing a broken hand and a broken swing.

This quote from Charlie Manuel stuck out to me at the bottom of the article:

“He puts in real good at-bats on lefties, but he still has to hit righties better,” Manuel said. “But you can platoon guys. You can get at-bats that way.”

Right now, Mayberry is hitting well against every pitcher he sees, and it’s pleasing his manager.

“I look at him as a guy who is similar to Jayson Werth,” Manuel said. “The better he does – who knows? – he might end up being a regular.”


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