Doc, C.C. sharp in Phils rout

Once the starters left, the flood gates opened. Unfortunately for the Yankees, the flood gates never opened on the Phils end.

Roy Halladay and C.C. Sabathia battled with some shut-out ball before the Yankees bull pen surrendered seven runs as the Phillies won, 7-0.

Halladay looked really sharp, allowing four hits and striking out two in six shut out innings of work. Sabathia allowed three htis and struck out two in five innings of work.

Michael Stutes, J.C. Ramirez and Michael Schwimmer all pitched an inning of perfect ball each to preserve the shut out. All three of them are battling for a bull pen spot.

Stutes has been really impressive so far. He has a 1.50 ERA in six innings of work this spring while striking out eight. David Murphy on Twitter said his fastball has a lot of movement to it. It will be interesting to see how much he will be considered for a bull pen spot, if not on Opening Day but during the season.

On the offensive side, John Mayberry hit his third homer of the spring, a two-run shot in the sixth. Ben Francisco had a two-hit game, including a double, as he is working on solidifying his Opening Day starting job in right field.

2B: Polanco (1), Francisco (3). 3B: Barfield (1). HR: Mayberry (3).

WP: Halladay. LP: D. Robertson.


2 thoughts on “Doc, C.C. sharp in Phils rout

  1. philsfaninnewyork

    As we all know, this Phillies pitching rotation is dangerous. But what makes it even more dangerous is that there is internal competition between the starting pitchers since they are all spectacular. They are fighting to be the “best” pitcher on the team. This was a point that LA brought up last year when they got Oswalt.

    1. It’s funny because this competition is healthy. These four guys aren’t jealous of each other. They each have different strengths that make them great and they know it. They are four completely different pitchers.

      This friendly but fierce competition is going to push them to do things I don’t think we will ever see again. It kind of reminds me of the final scene in the first Rocky movie where Rocky and Apollo were gonna friendly spar but attacked each other hard right at the end.

      They’re gonna joke, laugh and work hard together but come game time, they are gonna try and best the pitcher the night before. I can’t wait.

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