2011 Phillies March Madness Round 2; Ickey Region

The fourth region of the second round is finally underway. The Real Deal Region will close later today and the BMac Region is also still open for voting.

Match-up of the round: #4 Richie Ashburn vs. #5 Bernie Parent

This is a match-up between a pair of #1’s. Richie Ashburn stole the hearts of the fans not only as a hard-playing center fielder but also as one half of the greatest announcing duo in Philadelphia history with Harry Kalas. Ashburn was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995, two years before his tragic death that shook the Philly work. Bernie Parent has also stolen the hearts of Philadelphia fans for minding the net of the ’73-’74 and ’74-’75 Stanley Cup champion Flyers and also being a visible public figure 30 years after he hung up his skates. Parent is also in the hockey Hall of Fame.

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