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Brown’s new swing: smooth

Thank you to Official Review and Red Pinstripes for uncovering and posting this gem.

As I posted a while back, hitting coach Greg Gross said he feels he fixed the stance and swing of left-handed hitting rookie Domonic Brown. Well here is a video to prove him right and I can honestly say I’m satisfied with the results.

Brown’s hands are much lower and he throws his hips into the ball like another left-handed hitting slugger on the Phils. Hopefully the new hand position will minimize strike outs and allow him to get good contact on his swings.

Speaking of Official Review, I’d like to introduce a new shirt to the TTB Shop. Thank you to those guys for help on the design.


2 responses to “Brown’s new swing: smooth

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  2. OfficialReview February 24, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    Glad to be of assistance! Let’s go Fightins!

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