Philadelphia March Madness 2.0

I wonder how many of you would actually remember a certain website called “Phillies Prof-ets” in February 2009. Started on Blogger in my Online Journalism class, I was desperate as hell for posts on my blog. With March nearing, I decided to host a Phillies equivalent to March Madness, crowning Mike Schmidt the winner.

Last week, I sent a Facebook message to Dan MacNeal, Brian McCollum and Chris Bengel proposing the idea of having another March Madness style tournament for Phillies past and present. We decided that in order that this tournament not be as predictable as it would be with just Phillies that we would open it up to the Flyers, Sixers and Eagles as well.

So on Thursday, we got together and held a fantasy draft much like the NHL All-Star game. I created a pool of about 95 Philadelphia athletes, coaches and broadcast people. Each of us took a region and drafted our bracket’s players in a snake-draft format. I had the first and last picks, selecting Mike Schmidt first and Curt Schilling last.

I will use a website called Bracketeers in which I will link to and you guys will go and vote on the players. I will keep voting for each round open for a couple days before moving to the next round.

The tournament will start probably next week and should end by March before The Phield unfolds and the actual March Madness occurs. Here are our regions and seedings:

Roose Region
1 Mike Schmidt
2 Steve Carlton
3 Allen Iverson
4 Roy Halladay
5 Moses Malone
6 Randall Cunningham
7 Robin Roberts
8 Pete Rose
9 Jim Bunning
10 Jon Runyan
11 Jimmy Rollins
12 Billy Cunningham
13 Dave Schultz
14 John Kruk
15 Mike Richards
16 Curt Schilling

Real Deal Region
1 Bobby Clarke
2 Brian Dawkins
3 Chuck Bednarik
4 Bill Barber
5 Charles Barkley
6 Claude Giroux
7 Chase Utley
8 Rod Brind’Amour
9 Ryan Howard
10 Mark Howe
11 Steve Van Buren
12 Jerome Brown
13 Clyde Simmons
14 Jim Thome
15 Jeremiah Trotter
16 Daryll Dawkins

BMac Region
1 Harry Kalas
2 Brian Westbrook
3 David Akers
4 Eric Lindros
5 John LeClair
6 Eric Desjardins
7 Scot Rolen
8 Pat Burrell
9 Kimmo Timmonen
10.Mikael Renberg
11 Chuck Klein
12 Buddy Ryan
13 Donovan McNabb
14 Cole Hamels
15 Andy Reid
16 Mitch Williams

Ickey Region
1. Julius Erving
2. Reggie White
3. Wilt Chamberlain
4. Richie Ashburn
5. Bernie Parent
6. Tug McGraw
7. Ron Jaworski
8. Ron Hextall
9. Tommy McDonald
10. Harold Carmichael
11. Dallas Green
12. Simon Gagne
13. Keith Primeau
14. Wilbert Montgomery
15. Bill Bergey
16. Reggie Leach

Like in the NCAA tournament, 1 will play 16, 8 will play 9, etc. I believe Bracketeers will have the brackets match up like that.

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia March Madness 2.0

  1. Bill Prendergast

    Some of the seeds are a bit suspect 🙂

  2. […] Don’t forget to vote in the Roose Region and check out the entire 64-man field. […]

  3. Old-school players, such as Chuck Bedrick and Steve VanBuren, are not getting much love. “Iron Chuck” played both ways and Van Buren won the Eagles the 1948 NFL championship. More up to date, still “veterans” include Dick Allen, Johnny Callison and Jim Bunning for the Phillies, Timmy Brown for the Eagles and Billy Cunningham, the player, for the Sixers. Good stuff, man.

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