D League: Giving Back

Here is a sample of this week’s column published on the D League. It is about how I respect the hell out of athletes, especially pro baseball players, who give back to the communities they play in. I list a bunch of Phillies as examples.

That is why I love hearing in the news about all the incredible things that Major League ball players do for their community, especially on my team, the Philadelphia Phillies.

In 2009, Ryan Howard started up the Ryan Howard Family Foundation in which their mission is to help improved the lives of disadvantaged youth and families through a strong education, healthy and fitness. One of the first things Howard’s foundation did in 2009 was donate a $50,000 grant to a North Philly park to restore it’s baseball diamonds.

Howard has also done wok in the Boys and Girls Club of America along with Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino. This past year, Victorino launched his own foundation and their first act was pledging $900,000 to renovate the Boys and Girls Club of Nicetown in Philly.

Other non-baseball related charities done by Philadelphia athletes include Brad Lidge and Chase Utley doing multiple things for the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Rollins’ many charities like the Basebowl Tournament that raises money to help families through arthritis an, JRoll’s Aces for disadvantaged students excelling in class and JRoll’s Readers to honor the top 50 readers from the Philadelphia area. Utley and his wife also have a charity for abused animals and Hamels and his wife have a charity that focuses on the education of students across the country and internationally. The Hamels’ are working on building a school in Malawi, Africa.

Read the entire post here.

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