Westboro Baptist to picket Greene’s granddaughter’s funeral

This is just an absolutely disgusting act. For those who don’t know who these clowns are, the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas protest the funerals of soldiers, saying God purposely had the killed.

They are protesting the funeral of Christina Greene, the nine-year-old granddaughter of former World Series manager for the Phillies, Dallas Greene.

Here is the statement from their site. It’s disturbing to read:


The 9-year-old girl was born 9/11/01! “Hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed it,” Mic. 6:9. God mercifully gave this nation a fair warning on 9/11 – but you despise His mercies, so you get no more mercy – man, woman or child. That’s how God the Avenger rolls!

That child was not innocent. This is a nation of depraved perverts who pass their children through the fire of their rage against God & all-consuming lust. From the womb, she was taught to hate God & mock His servants. That child is better off dead, so the cup of her iniquity will not overflow! Rep. Giffords passed laws trying to keep WBC watchers off the street corners. In repayment, God sent the shooter when she took to a street corner! The blood of the 9-year-old is on Rep. Giffords’ hands! This nation rejoiced & your officials were ho-hum when a violent veteran stalked 5 WBC picketers with 90 rounds of ammunition. In repayment, God sent the shooter with 90 rounds of ammunition & killed your federal judge, your child, & others. Now let’s see if you’re so ho-hum in the face of God’s wrath! The blood of these six dead is on your hands rebellious doomed-america! God’s judgments are so righteous & marvelous in our sight!


This truly made me sick.

I hope there is a legislature or public official willing to sacrifice themselves and violate the First Amendment to prevent these sick people from picketing her funeral. Either that or I hope her father breaks one of their jaws.

3 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist to picket Greene’s granddaughter’s funeral

  1. It truly is disgusting. Makes me ashamed to be a Christian. There is no hope for humanity.

  2. A friend posted your article.. and I agree with you John~ sigh.. As if those leeches have to suck any more blood.. especially from a 9 year old little girl.. I am truly at a loss for their UTTER AND COMPLETE DISRESPECT for anything right.. As if they are the Judge’s of any of us.. I am hoping that the Freddom Riders will be there.. and I think that there should be a huge row of MIRRORS SO THEY CAN LOOK AT THEMSELFS IN THE EYE.. And see how hateful, and UNLOVING THEY TRULY ARE..

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Brian C.C. McCollum, Kimberly. Kimberly said: She is 9. Please media: IGNORE THEM RT @TeamToBeat09 Westboro Baptist to picket Greene's granddaughter's funeral: http://wp.me/pIgcm-We […]

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