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2010 Moment: #5 Now batting, left fielder… Roy Oswalt!

You can thank Scott Berry and a very PO’ed Ryan Howard for this moment. This whole August 24th meeting between the Phillies and Houston Astros was just a weird one.

A month after being traded from his life time team in Houston to the Philies, Roy Oswalt was set to face his former team. But heading into the four-game series, Oswalt was not set to start in any of the games, which was disappointing for Houston fans at home watching. But Oswalt wound up playing left field, giving fans in attendance and at home for both teams something to remember.

Phillies third baseman Placido Polanco had to restrain Ryan Howard from committing a crime on the diamond. Too bad the only crime was Howard being robbed.

But let’s fast forward 14 innings of this game. And I know what you’re thinking when you see “14”: they did have a 14th inning stretch. With runners on second and third and two outs, Howard stepped up to the plate. Earlier in the game, Howard got called on a check-swing, being ruled that he went around. Howard disagreed with that call but put it behind him.

The same situation presented itself again to Howard, who finished the night 0-for-7 with five strike outs. On a 1-2 count, Howard held up his swing but Berry, umping the third-base line, pulled the trigger and then put his hands on his arms to mock Howard.

Howard charged at Berry, who ejected

him and probably soiled himself in the process as Placido Polanco (standing on third) and third base coach Sam Perlozzo had to restrain the charging Howard.

But this left the Phillies with a problem. Having exhausted all of their bench players, the Phillies needed to fill the void at first. Raul Ibanez moved from left to play first, which settled that problem. But who is going to play left field?

Citizens Bank Park erupted when they say a #44 jersey emerge from the dugout. Oswalt jogged out to left field to finish the game and bat in the four-spot left vacant by Howard. On the first play of the inning, a fly ball was hit to left field. Oswalt caught it and the place erupted again.

But the high didn’t last too long. A costly error by Ibanez led to a two-run 15th for the Astros and Oswalt was forced to bat with two outs and two men on. Oswalt grounded out to end the game (Houston won 4-2 in 16 innings), but the memory of him jogging out to left field and making a catch will never be forgotten.

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