Grading the Phillies: Bench

(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Ben Francisco – C+: His lack of playing time came as a surprise to fans this year, especially when Raul Ibanez had some early-season struggles. He’s the type of player who needs every day at-bats to heat up. It will be interesting to see what happens next season if the Phils don’t sign Jays Werth or think Domonic Brown will be ready to start.

Ross Gload – B-: Gload had stretches of brilliance but also had some stretches of poor hitting. He became their go-to guy late in the season and in the playoffs when facing a right-handed reliever.

Brian Schneider – B-: His job was simple: be good enough to spell Carlos Ruiz or when Ruiz gets injured.

Mike Sweeney – B: Acquired in August, Sweeney became an immediate fan favorite and got some solid playing time when Ryan Howard was hurt.

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Wilson Valdez – A-: Valdez stepped in beautifully when Jimmy Rollins was hurt for a majority of the season.

Other guys

Dom Brown – C+: He was making his making his major league debut so much wasn’t expected. Next year will be interesting. If he starts, expectations will be high. If he doesn’t, fans will wonder when he will be major league-ready.

Juan Castro – D: He didn’t last long so obviously his grade won’t be that good

Greg Dobbs – C-: There’s a reason why the Phillies let him go after the season. 2008 was more a fluke than what the Phils thought Dobbs was capable of.

Paul Hoover and Dane Sardhina – C-: These guys were bad replacements when Ruiz and Schneider were hurt.


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