Moyer Injured, Ticket Prices Increase

I know it’s old news but I have been ridiculously busy as of late. Anyway, Jamie Moyer was hurt again down in the Dominican Republic where he was playing winter ball to try and make a major league club next season.

Could this be the final run of Jamie Moyer? (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

The 48-year-old lefty reinjured his elbow from this past season and the GM of the club he signed with, Moises Alou, believes that Moyer’s career could be over.

Moyer said in an interview a while back that he’ll know when to retire when the game tells him to. This could be that sign.

And in other depressing news, the Phillies raised the ticket prices for next season. Currently on a 123-game sell-out streak, the Phils are looking to make bank at the Bank next season, raising most of the prices to $2 or $3. Some area in the lower bowl will see $5 increases.

Hey, those dollars add up and maybe, just maybe, the Phils will be landing a top-tier free agent next season in right fielder Jayson Werth or left-handed pitcher Cliff Lee.

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