SF: Here’s Your Sign

“What a classless bunch if idiots!” “Those people in Philadelphia are horrible people!” “City of Brotherly Love my ass!”

I’m sure you heard it all after how “classless” our fans were during the first two games of the NLCS for their signs for Tim Lincecum and former fan favorite Pat Burrell. Well for those who haven’t heard about the signs, here they are:

I mean, come one. Those signs were brilliant. It’s not our fault that Lincecum has a snaggle tooth, looks like a hippie and smokes an excessive amount of pot or that Burrell is pigeon toed, his wife probably cheats, and he wets the bed.

It also isn’t the Phillies fans’ fault that the Giants have historically had some pretty scummy players. Remember this guy?

That’s right, Barry Bonds, they guy who hit 762* career homers. Yea, can’t forget that asterisk. Phils fans sure didn’t…

We tell it like it is and give credit where credit is due. If you don’t like it, MLB, then tough.


2 thoughts on “SF: Here’s Your Sign

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  2. […] Philadelphia heyday, Burrell played for the Rays, and then the Giants. Below are a few examples of how he was received in Philadelphia during the 2010 NLCS. Which the Giants won, by the way, clearing the way for one of Burrell’s […]

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