A Great Phillies Highlight Video

You can find a lot of great fan-made highlight videos on Youtube. But, sometimes, the best ones get taken down because of Copyright laws and other BS that prevents people from showing their creative side (looking at you too, MLBPA).

Anyhow, a fellow member from AntsMarching.org that goes by “junior94” created this video of the 2010 Phillies regular season highlights. Using The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” the video takes you on a journey of some of the biggest homer, clutch hits, strike outs, and defensive plays made by the Phillies this season. Just sit back and enjoy.

Click here for the video.


Be sure to look in the info bar as he also created a shorter version on YouTube that actually wasn’t taken down. Thanks, Kevin!


1 thought on “A Great Phillies Highlight Video

  1. […] did one last year as well, which we linked to. It’s good work, ladies and gents. Enjoy the video after the […]

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