Phormer Phils: Houston Astros

The “Land of Misfit Phils” as I like to call them, the Houston Astros and former Phillies GM Ed Wade sure love to collect Phillies. It’s almost as if Wade still thinks he’s with the Phillies organization, picking up any crumbs that fall off the table.

There are currently five players on the Astros that were all previously on the Phillies roster. They are pitchers Nelson Figueroa, Brett Myers, and J.A. Happ and outfielders Michael Bourn and Jason Michaels. Infielder Pedro Feliz and catcher Chris Coste were also on their roster within the past year.

Here’s a look at where these players’ careers have gone since they parted with the Phillies:

Figueroa: Nelly was actually on the Phillies roster this season. The pitcher was designated for assignment earlier in the year, took his assignment in Lehigh and was then called back up. After being DFA’d for a second time, the Astros acquired him and he has been in their bull pen since then. Figueroa has a 2.42 ERA in 10 games (22.1 IP) with the Astros after a decent stint with Philadelphia.

Myers: Myers was unhappy with his banishment from the Phillies. He plans on “sticking it” to the team that drafted him 12th overall in the 1999 amateur draft. Myers had a successful stint with the Phillies, 73-63 record and a solid 4.40 ERA. He was even the team’s closer in 2007 when they made the playoffs for the first time in 14 years and was a key contributor to the 2008 World Series team. But his off-field antics of hitting his wife and bar fights and a lazy approach to getting in shape were the final straw for the Phillies brass as they opted to not re-sign him in the off season.

Happ: Happ was supposed to be one of the future arms for the Phillies. The lefty enjoyed a great rookie campaign last season in which he came second in NL Rookie of the Year voting. But a late season start due to injuries allowed the Phillies to use him as the primary bargaining chip in acquiring Roy Oswalt before the deadline. He had good stuff but nothing special. There is a good chance he never turns into anything more than a #3 pitcher but Houston was willing to take that risk.

Bourn: Bourn was sent to the ‘Stros as a part of the Brad Lidge trade and it appeared the Phillies would run away from that deal laughing. Bourn was never anything more than a base stealer and fielding replacement in Philly. He has turned into a good player for the ‘Stros and player they are hoping to try and build a good team around along with Hunter Pence.

Michaels: Michaels was nothing more than a bench player for the Phillies. He has found himself in a similar role with the Astros as well. His most memorably moment with the Phillies wasn’t exactly a positive one. He was going back for a fly ball, bobbled it, and wound up knocking it over the fence for a home run in Jose Canseco fashion.


1 thought on “Phormer Phils: Houston Astros

  1. philsfaninnewyork

    Back in 2008, they also had Geoff Geary and Thomas Perez.

    I sorta miss Brett Myers. When he started a game I went to, the Phillies were 4-1 and he started the only game I saw the Phils won last year (5/22/ at Yankees).

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