Nacho Report: New York (A)

by Dan MacNeal, DN

This is the third part of an ongoing series, first being in Washington, second in Philadelphia.

As I walked the lower level concourse of Yankee Stadium, I was very disappointed to see not one nacho stand.  Somehow, noodles and sushi were available on the concourse.  John found a burrito stand, but it did not have nachos. But when I got up to my seats in the farrrr top of the stadium (thanks, John), I found a Nacho stand a couple sections down from our seats.

I have stated before that I was only grading basic nachos, but unfortunately basic nachos were not available.  So I purchased the nachos that they had for sale at $8.50.

As for the price, the quantity of nachos and toppings I got were well worth the price.  But the question still was about the quality of the nachos, not the quantity.  So onto the breakdown….

Yankee Stadium uses triangle, fluffy chips as seen in Philly, for starters.  However, the concession stand allows you to “create your own toppings”, which is pretty awesome, but can not count towards “basic” nachos.  The toppings available were: meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and jalapeno peppers.  I opted for the first four toppings, as guacamole and jalapenos are not my style.

Scoringwise, they probably were the best nachos since the ones I had at the Wachovia Center in 2008 (although those were in a club box).  The mixture of toppings made the nachos gloopy and delicious.  Unfortunately, in the Yankees’ quest to be the best at everything, they fail at providing adequate basic nachos, which loses them points, however not enough points to push them into second place.  John called them “nachos on steroids”, ironic due to the team employing known steroid user Alex Rodriguez.  So in the spirit of marking steroids users in the record books with asterisks, I will be adding an asterisk to the Yankee Stadium nachos.

Nacho Power Rankings
1.* NY Yankees
2. Philadelphia
3. Washington
*did not follow rules

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