Doc to Face Shrek Tuesday

The Phillies decided it was best to adjust their rotation for their upcoming series with the New York Yankees. Roy Halladay and Kyle Kendrick will be trading spots in the rotation because coach Rich Dubee wants Halladay to have six more starts before the All-Star Break and not five. The move will pitch Halladay on Tuesday against Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia and line him up to pitch against the first-place Minnesota Twins instead of the last-place Cleveland Indians during the Phillies’ stretch of interleague play.

“I ain’t worried about who we’re getting him against,” Dubee said. “I’m just getting him six starts instead of five.”

Dan MacNeal, myself, and five others will be thrilled with the move as the seven of us will be invading Yankee Stadium on Tuesday to see the classic battle between Doc and Shrek.


ROLLINS TO REHAB — Jimmy Rollins will begin his rehab process Tuesday according to Todd Zolecki on Twitter. He was supposed to begin on Monday but it got pushed back a day for unknown reasons. Hopefully the Phillies won’t rush him back this time so he can last longer than a week in the line up.


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