News 5/21/10

ROLLINS LEADING OFF: Jimmy Rollins is back in his familiar spot of leading off. This is actually pretty good news despite me not minding having Shane Victorino continue to lead off and Rollins bat in the sixth position. Rollins has thrived in that spot in the order and should continue to provide a spark for the offense. The drop in the order will allow Victorino to steal more bases without the fear of taking the bat and RBI opportunities out of Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, or Jayson Werth’s hands.

LIDGE, HAPP THROW: Brad Lidge threw for the first time today after having his cortisone shot last week. He said it was a, “good first day,” which is good news to me. As long as Lidge gets healthy, I don’t care how long it takes. He said he would be ready to come back off the DL May 25 and pitch.

Also CSN reported that J.A. Happ threw off the mound again today. This is also good news even though the starting pitching hasn’t been hurting too much without him.

VALDEZ TO AAA: Wilson Valdez cleared waivers and accepted an assignment to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. He was DFA’ed when Rollins returned off the DL.


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