Canadians for a Weekend, eh?

By Dan MacNeal

First broken by Meech over at the Fightins, MLB has moved the June 25-27 series between the Phils and the Blue Jays from Toronto to Philadelphia.  It was officially announced this afternoon that the three game set will be played in Philadelphia, while Toronto remains the “home” team, batting last and using the DH.  The G20 summit in Toronto is scheduled for that weekend and the Blue Jays’ home stadium, Rogers Centre, is in the security zone.

The ones who really lose out are the Toronto fans, who were excited at the possibility of Roy Halladay returning to Toronto.  The Blue Jays have set up a ticket refund policy for fans who held tickets for those games.  No ticket availability has been made in Philadelphia as of yet, but have a press conference scheduled for 3:00 this afternoon.

The most interesting question is, how will the teams divide the ticket sales and concessions?  You know the Jays are going to want some sort of compensation since technically it is their home games.  The teams will eventually figure that out.

NOTE: Phillies season ticket holders will be notified of their options within the next 3-7 days. Individual tickets will be on sale in approximately 10-14 days (via email from the Phillies).


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