Nacho Report: Philly

by Dan MacNeal, DN

This is the second part of an ongoing series of Nacho Reports, first part being in Washington.

Seeing as it is Cinco de Mayo today, this report fits in with the nachos I had at last night’s Phillies-Cardinals game.  Going into the game I had an idea of what to expect, as I have had these nachos many times.  As always, I am grading just the basic nacho plate.

For starters, it seems that the prices have been raised since last year, from $5.50 to $5.75.  A quarter, no big deal.  I also observed that the salsa was now in the tray, instead of of having a separate cup, which was both good and bad.  The bad being obviously less space for chips, but the good was that it’s easier to eat, not having to hold a tray and a separate salsa cup.

Another difference were the chips.  In past years (and in DC), they have used round flat chips.  However last night, the chips we got were triangle shaped and more “fluffy”.  I don’t really have a preference of chip, but I do like the triangle shape as it gives more area for cheese or salsa.  In addition, the triangle is not conducive to breaking and leaving nacho shrapnel in the dipping sauce, like its round partner.

They also changed the salsa.  Previously it had been a more chunky salsa, but last night it was more liquidlike.  Regardless, it had a nice kick to it, and was a delicious complement to the “always bad for you but still amazing” cheese. 

Without further ado, I unveil the debut of the “Ballpark Nacho Power Rankings”.

Nacho Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia

2. Washington, DC

Note: These Power Rankings are not set in stone, ballparks can move up or down throughout the course of the season.

I have a couple more road trips scheduled in pencil, so I hope to add some ballparks to the Nacho Power Rankings this season.


3 thoughts on “Nacho Report: Philly

  1. Justin Evans

    Hall of Fame club nachos > regular nachos.

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