Dear Idiots

Dear Idiots,

Yea, I’m talking to you, the 17-year old clown and the old fat guy trying to be as cool as a high schooler. So tell me kid: was running onto the field worth getting yourself tased? Did you like knowing what a mosquito feels like when it flies to close to a bug lamp? How about you Mr. “I’m going to be as funny as the kid and run onto the field?” You didn’t even try. You just jogged to center and stood there like a jackass. The idiot was also high and had narcotics on him. Congrats on being a loser, buddy.

I want to pick a side on this matter and say right now that if a fan runs out onto the field, a cop using a Taser is absolutely okay. Yesterday, Tony LaRussa made a great point when he said it’s a scary situation and you don’t know if one of these guys is going to come at you. Shane Victorino expressed the same concerns.

The fact that fans find this funny or cool is absolutely stupid. One blogger made up a very strong point in saying that since the Phillies have gained popularity and have seen their attendance numbers climb dramatically that this is no surprise that the group going to games have gone from the die-hard fans to a group of casual party animals that see this as an excuse to get drunk or stoned and then do something stupid like fight, throw up on fans, or run onto the field.

This is the second time I have been to a game where a fan had the nerve to cross the threshold. In 2007, both Dan and I were at a Houston Astros game (we didn’t know each other at the time and were in separate sections). The Phillies were losing big and just before the inning, a fan ran onto the field towards Jimmy Rollins and tried to give him something. He then dove into second base to avoid a security guard and then headed towards left field. As he neared the wall, someone in the stands chucked a hot dog at him. He was finally then taken down and carted off the field.

It’s such a shame that a once loyal fan base has gotten bad press three times in the last few weeks because of a few morons who had too much to drink or wanted to make asses out of themselves. I hope these clowns never step foot in Citizens Bank Park again or in any stadium.

So I’m letting the rest of you clowns know now: if you want to run out onto the field, I hope the mighty Zues strikes you down with a lightning bolt before one of Philly’s Finest pulls the trigger of his Taser on you.

2 thoughts on “Dear Idiots

  1. Dan MacNeal

    Michal Handzus works for the Philly PD now?

  2. Justin Evans

    The price you pay for a college filled city.

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