A Day to Remember

As some of you may know going by my Twitter page, I had to opportunity to cover last night’s Phillies game with Bill Evans of the Gloucester County Times, where I interned for the spring. I just have to say the day was exhausting, but that was a good thing.

Evans and I got to the park around 3:30. After walking in and getting my press pass, we headed straight up to the press box and dropped off our computers. We grabbed our notebooks and recorders and headed to the locker room.

The Phillies locker room was pretty cool. After getting to talk to some players, we then walked out the tunnel to the Phillies dug out and waited for Charlie Manuel with a bunch of other reporters. I saw guys like David Murphy of the Philly Inquirer, Jim Salisbury and Marshall Harris of CSN, Tom McCarthy, and one of my favorite writers Todd Zolecki of  MLB.com, who I introduced myself to later that night.

So once we were done with Manuel and were done soaking in the field, we headed over to the Cardinals locker room. I tagged along with Evans as he interviewed Chris Carpenter for his story and then walked into Tony LaRussa’s office and got some stuff from him.

We decided to head back up to the press box until one of the writers told us that Scott Sheridan and Ruben Amaro, Jr. were going to discuss Ryan Madson’s surgery. I finally asked my first question to anyone and Amaro, who I asked about the Taser incident, declined comment on my question. Thanks Rube!

After that we walked back into the Phillies locker room for a few more things. Evans also wanted to talk to Brad Lidge who was at his locker. I then waited for Joe Blanton to get in because I wanted to ask him questions for my notebook.

We were finally done with everything and headed back up to the press box and ate dinner. We were done eating by game time and I began to write my notebook. I was done the notebook around 8:3o and began writing my gamer in the eighth, luckily only having to change a few things on the fly.

Once the game ended in walk-off fashion, I headed straight to the media room and waited a couple of minutes  for Manuel. After his press conference we all headed into the locker room and interviewed Carlos Ruiz, who had the walk-off homer, Lidge, and Cole Hamels, who pitched a gem.

I went back upstairs, added the quotes to my gamer, had it read and sent in. Then we left, capping off an excellent night.

I gained a lot out of that reporting that night. I got a taste of what reporting a Phillies game was like and how to get my information as fast as possible because deadlines are the enemy.

Being a Phillies beat writer has been my ultimate goal for the past few years. With a growth in my writing abilities and professionalism, one day that dream could become a reality. I will use that experience to work hard and get myself back to that press box.


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  1. Justin Evans

    Pretty sweet.

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