Idiot Tased At Phillies Game

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It’s not as bad as throwing up on someone but running on the field is pretty damn stupid if you ask me. It doesn’t matter how funny and cool you think it is, nothing good will come out of running onto the playing field. Police proved that last night when they Tasered the idiot fan.

Now the 17-year old was not drunk or stoned or was dared to do it. He just thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. After feeling the jolt, I think it will be the last time he will do it.

I will defend the kid in this sense saying there is no way he deserved to be Tasered. A lot policemen and women are great people and doing their community a great service but there are those who are abusing their powers.


1 thought on “Idiot Tased At Phillies Game

  1. i am ok with the dummy getting tasered.

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