Baez Shelled; Offense Still Dead

This was a game I’m glad I missed. Kyle Kendrick was ineffective and the Phillies offense once again didn’t show up as they lost 9-1 to the Mets Friday night. What made the game even worse was the fact that Danys Baez, arguably the Phillies most disappointing reliever in the pen, got shelled for four runs in the seventh inning.

The lone run for the Phillies came when Carlos Ruiz drove in Jayson Werth in the second.

Jon Niese was the next pitcher that the Phillies made look like an ace with his seven-inning, one-run performance.

Brad Lidge finally made his first appearance of the season and much like J.C. Romero, he did not impress. He allowed a run on two hits in only a third of an inning pitched.

WP: Niese (1-1). LP: Kendirck (0-1).



The only highlight of this loss was when former-Phillie killer Rod Barajas hit his first-inning homer off Kendrick and a father took the ball, put it in his baby’s hand, and helped her throw it onto the field. This happened last year but this time, the ball was thrown back for the opposing team. See the video here.

On a side note: Barajas is 12-for-21, six HR, 13 RBI in his seven games against the Phillies. In 48 games with the Phillies, he has only four HRs and 10 RBIs and he batted .230.


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