Madson Blows Game in 9th

It wasn’t long before the nightmares of last season resurfaced for Phillies fans. Ryan Madson blew the first true save after Kyle Kendrick’s eight stellar innings and Nate McClout hit a walk-off off of Jose Contreras to win it for the Braves, 4-3.

In eight innings, Kendrick allowed no runs on four hits, two walks, and two strike outs. Chase Utley had a nice game, going 2-for-5 with a couple RBIs.

The wheels fell off for Madson with two outs in the ninth. After walking Chipper Jones with one out and getting Brian McCann to fly out, Troy Glause ripped a two-run shot. Rookie Jason Heyward followed that up with a solo homer to tie it. McClouth then sent Contreras’ 2-2 pitch over the right field wall to end it.

I said this earlier today, Contreras is awful and needs to be the first man gone once someone gets healthy. He has been a huge disappointment in the spring and it has carried over into the season already. Who knows: I may be an idiot and he pans out as the season goes on.

I will say one thing: Kendrick impressed the hell out of me from a boxscore-standpoint. I missed the entire game as I went to the Flyers game four at the last minute and thoroughly enjoyed it. I bet he looked good though seeing he went eight innings. The Phillies need to see that more often than just from Roy Halladay.

Doubles: Werth (7), Utley (3), Polanco (5).

WP: Wagner (1-0). LP: Contreras (0-1).


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