A Plea to All Fans

By Dan MacNeal

Don’t act like a moron.  That’s all I (and 44,000+ others) ask.

We all heard the story last week about the guy who puked on the father and daughter.  A couple idiots had to get so bombed that they don’t even know what they are doing and end up ruining a game for the people around them.

This plea extends past the Phillies, to all sports, all cities.  We’ve heard about the father and son attacking a Royals first base coach in Chicago.  Or the time the fan threw beer onto Shane Victorino. I can keep going on and on with examples about idiots at games; it happens all the time. 

If the problem is alcohol (and it seems like it is), people either need to know their limits or stop coming to games.  Sure, the vendors say you’re only allowed two beers at a time, but it’s so easy to circumvent that.  Especially when a person goes with a group of friends.  With beers being around $7 or $8, people are dropping a lot of money – not that I care, it’s not mine. But it doesn’t make much sense. 

Personally I have no idea why I’d want to pay $25, $40, $60 for a ticket, spend a ton of money on beer or other alcohol, and not even remember what I saw.  Could you imagine going to a game where Roy Halladay pitches a perfect game and not remembering it at all?

I have no problem with drinking at a game; I love tailgating.  But I know that I’m there to enjoy a game and that others sitting around me want to do that as well.  Sure I don’t mind partying before or after a game but acting the fool is not cool.

I feel lucky that I’ve never really had a problem with people directly near me at any game I’ve been to (except maybe the girl who was so drunk she puked on a girl in front of her on the Flyers bus trip to Jersey, but that’s another story for another day). 

Have a good time at games, but be reasonable and respect others around you.


2 thoughts on “A Plea to All Fans

  1. Thank you from one of those 44,000+ for saying it, Dan.

  2. Justin Grim

    i agree paul…i was at a phils game last year and we had the same thing happen minus the puke. theres no reason to get so bombed before or during the game. my friends and i tailgated before and after the game, i had a good buzz goin into the ballpark, and none of us (in our 10 ppl group) were so trashed we couldnt remember a thing. but we had a couple people in our section that got tossed from the game (as early as 5th inning) bc of being disorderly. i hate that

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