Remembering HK

The late HK throwing out the first pitch during the Phillies WS ring ceremony on April 8, 2009. It was the last home game Kalas ever called.

A year ago today, the voice of Philadelphia, Harry Kalas, died. The day was April 13, 2009. Kalas was a legend in the broadcast booth and an iconic figure to all Phillies fans growing up. After his passing, the broadcast booth in Philadelphia was renamed in honor of Kalas, a sign was put up in left field to honor him, and “High Hopes” was played after every Phillies win. Jimmy Rollins took it upon himself to bring HK’s sports coat and shoes with the Phillies on every road trip and kept them in the dug out for every game.

After the 2009 season, I went and purchased an authentic Rollins jersey for two reasons: he’s the leader of the Phillies and he knew Kalas the longest. I had purchased an “HK” black patch a few weeks prior to that and had intentions on putting it on a jersey. Rollins got my vote for those reasons. With the patch on the jersey and my brand new Phillies hat with the HK patch embroidered onto the right side, Kalas’ memory will be close to my heart and in my mind.

Kalas will forever be the voice of the Phillies and the city of Philadelphia. The Phillies are stilling playing High Hopes after wins at the Bank and fans still hear his signature “Ouuttaaa Here” call after a Phillies long ball. RIP HK, we still miss you.

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