Nacho Report: Washington

by Dan MacNeal

Stock Nacho footage from Cleveland

As many of you know, I enjoy a good nacho plate.  And there’s no better place to get some tasty treats than at a baseball game.  I plan to do some travelling to see the Phils in a couple different cities and will have a nacho report for each and every stadium I visit.

Now, onto the nacho breakdown.  For the record, I am just grading the basic nachos, not the ones with meat and shredded cheese that the guy in front of me had and probably cost him $10.

First, paying for the nachos was a bit cheaper, $4.50 in Washington compared to $5 in Philly.  However, the extra fifty cents would have been worth it for an extra side of cheese or a cup of salsa, *ahem* Wild Thing salsa.  The lack of a secondary dipping source loses points for the overall nacho score.  One of the additional plusses was that I didn’t have any extra chips left over after using up all the cheese.  Jalapenos, like in Philly, were offered but turned down.  The concession workers were *gasp* friendly, adding points to concession stand etiquette but not necessarily the nachos itself.

Scoring-wise, I’ll put them a tick below Citizens Bank Park nachos.  It’s possible in a few years after some years of practice that Washington will step up their nacho game.  Hopefully, Citizens Bank Park will be ready on Monday for Phillies opening day.

As for the stadium, which I had visited last year, it’s nice, brand spanking new in 2008.  However, I found it vanilla.  Some of the cool parts were on the lower concourse with homages to old time baseball players, and the history of baseball in Washington.  But because the team is fairly new to the region, there isn’t much from the franchise, as there is no mention of the Expos.

Check back for more nacho and stadium reports throughout the season from around the country.

7 thoughts on “Nacho Report: Washington

  1. So your cheese to chip ratio was right?

  2. Yeah, the chip to cheese ratio was good, which got them high marks. I just wish there was a secondary dipping source.

  3. Kerri

    you are a nacho connoisseur. great article big bro!!

  4. Justin Evans

    Best Nachos are Coors Field. Actually Coors Field has the best everything. Fucking love that place.

    Rockies Fries are the fucking greatest thing ever.

  5. Nachos rule heh heh yeah heh heh heh

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