Phillies 2010 Predictions

Who doesn’t love predicting things? I sure as heck love predicting things and finding myself to be right. It’s self-gratifying… Okay I’m done sounding like my favorite Phillies blog – a conceited prick.

Here is a  little outlook on who I feel will lead the Phillies in certain categories this year:

Hits: Shane Victorino
Average: Chase Utley
Doubles: Utley
Triples: Victorino
Home runs: Ryan Howard
RBI: Howard*
Runs: Placido Polanco
Stolen bases: Victorino

ERA: Roy Halladay; Ryan Madson (pen)
Strike outs: Cole Hamels; Brad Lidge (pen)
Innings pitched: Halladay
Complete games: Halladay*

*will lead NL

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