Werth Denies Being Courted By Yanks

It’s almost a sickening feeling when you think about the Yankees taking one of your beloved players. Red Sox fans felt it almost five years ago when Johnny Damon signed with New York. Now Phillies fans are wondering if Jayson Werth will be the next rising star to wear blue pinstripes.

Werth had lunch with Reggie Jackson, one of the Yankee greats who also so happens to be a special advisor for the Yankees. Though a meeting like this could be considered tampering, it falls in that gray area because Jackson wouldn’t have to directly make an attempt to perswade Werth, whose father was a teammate of Jackson’s in the 1980’s.

But Werth denies the fact that the Yankees were interested in him and that Jackson was there to court him reported Paul Hagen of the Philly Inquirer.

“Reggie’s an old family friend,” Werth said after yesterday’s game was canceled. “I’ve known him since I was 7 years old, I think. I’ve known him forever. There’s nothing to tell, really. Two friends having lunch.”

“What we talked about is our business. But, honestly, it was just two friends having lunch,” Werth said.

Do I believe Werth? Yes. Do I believe Jackson would have something to say in regards to the Yankees? Yes. We all know Jackson had an intent to put the bug in Werth’s brain but was smart enough to do it unintentionally.

Damn Yankees.


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