Schmidt in the Booth?

Is Mike Schmidt auditioning to be in the Phillies broadcast? After doing the broadcast on Sunday for a few innings, Schmidt will be back in the booth today when the Phillies “host” Tampa Bay. Todd Zolecki reported that Phillies manager of broadcasting Rob Brooks said Schmidt has had some interest in broadcasting and felt this would be a good opportunity. There is a chance Schmidt would broadcast a series during the regular season.

I honestly haven’t heard him in the booth yet so I would be interested in hearing how it works out. Could we be seeing a crew of T-Mac, Wheels, Sarge, and the Stache? Should be interesting.


1 thought on “Schmidt in the Booth?

  1. First off, let us not refer to the greatest player in franchise history as “The Stache”, shall we? The man is “Michael Jack Schmidt” for crying out loud!

    Have heard him a couple times on TV but never in a play-by-play or commentary role. Will be interested to see it today on TV before forming an opinion.

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