Friday Tweet-off

This is the third edition of my Friday Tweet-off. This one will be a little special though. Instead of asking fans, I’ve decided to ask five Phillies blogs a different question to get their expert analysis.

What will the Phillies expect out of Dom Brown this year in the majors?

@philliesnation: they can expect a September call up unless there is an outfield injury during the season.

Who is your favorite Phillies personality and why (TV, radio, etc.)?

@PhoulBallz: fave phils tv personality is now Gary Sr. because Sarge is Pimpin!!

Who has been the biggest surprise in Spring Training thus far?

@Phinally: Big surprise for us was Scott Mathieson being sent down so early. We thought that he had a shot at making the roster this year.

Will Mike Zagurski or Scott Mathierson have a bigger impact on the Phillies this year?

@Macho_Row: Not sure either will play a vital role, but my money would be on Mathieson. Not a huge fan of Zagurski really.

If MLB was doing a 32-team tourny with 4 regions, who would your no. 1 seeds be?

Didn’t get answered so I’ll answer it myself: Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox, and Cardinals would be the #1’s.


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