Support Team to Beat!

A hot topic up on the Phillies blogosphere is The Phield’s Phillies blog March Madness. Yours truly got selected on Selection Tuesday to compete against 64 other blogs in the 65-blog tournament. In the first round, I am going up against Phoul Ballz, a very respectable Phillies blog on, my old domain. I am seeded in a very tough bracket that features a few of my favorite blogs like The 700 Level and Macho Row.

Please be sure to vote for me and support me as I look to be the Cinderella blog in this tournament. Popularity and notoriety will help the experienced blogs but with over a year under my belt, I hope my friends and followers can support me.

Good luck to Phoul Ballz and the other 64 teams.

Here is the complete bracket.

UPDATE: Here is the review of the Daulerio Region which chose my match-up as the best of the first round.


2 thoughts on “Support Team to Beat!

  1. Justin Evans

    Good luck.

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