Howard for Pujols?

AP Photos

That is a trade only made in Fantasy Baseball. But a national report and rumor was that the Phillies and Cardinals organizations were in discussions for a trade between Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols. Pujols is arguably the best player in baseball and probably the best player since I was born in 1988. Howard was born in St. Louis and fans would actually be welcome to the idea of having their home-town hero back.

But Ruben Amaro squashed those talks real fast:

“That story is absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible,” Amaro told’s Jim Salisbury.

This won’t and shouldn’t happen. Before you call me crazy – look at why this would be a terrible move for the Phillies. Pujols is in his last year of his contract. Howard has two more years after this season. The Phillies are already struggling to find out a way to afford Jayson Werth. Why would they bring in a new first baseman who will ask for more money than Alex Rodriguez’s 10-year, 275 million contract years ago.

Howard along with Chase Utley is the face of the Phillies franchise. It would be a joke to let him go for a one-year player in Pujols. The Phillies can not break-up their offensive corps. Instead of making dream trades, they should work on signing Werth long-term.

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