Mathieson Leads Pack Sent to Minors

Scott Mathieson, along with 13 other players, was sent to the minors. Mathieson hoped to have a chance at making the bull pen for Opening Day. The others sent down were pitchers Phillippe Aumont, Yohan Flande, Drew Naylor, J.C. Ramirez, Jesus Sanchez, Joe Savery and Bill White; catchers Tuffy Gosewisch, Kevin Nelson and John Suomi; shortstop Freddy Galvis; outfielders Quintin Berry and Tyson Gillies.

This decision probably upset Mathieson because he was hoping to make it back to the bigs but I don’t think he needs to worry. He’s a talented pitcher and has come a long way since losing over two years due to Tommy John surgery.

From Scott Lauber’s post:

“Scott has to pitch,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “He has to refine some of his stuff. I think he’s got over the hump, physically. I just think he has to get the point where he has to get reps and pitching time. He’s a guy we didn’t feel was going to be ready to go in April and be refined enough in his secondary stuff to be able to compete for a job at the big-league level. He’s just a guy who needs to go out there and pitch.”


I was thoroughly impressed with Tyson Gillies this spring. I was hoping to be able to actually watch him play on TV but from reading stuff about him and the comments from others about how he plays, I like the kid a lot. Phillippe Aumont is still the top pitching prospect to watch in my mind. He said in Lauber’s post he feels he is adjusting well to starting.

“I got some experience. I’ll go down there, get that pitch count up and get my arm ready for the season. I’m actually excited about it.”

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