Burrell Still Misses Us

Burrell leading the parade. Photo by John Russo.

I saw this on the Fightins.com and had to talk about it here.

Pat Burrell, who endured nine years of Phillies baseball, still misses us. He talked about the fans the Phillies have and then talked about the Rays fans it seemed evident who he prefered.

“I don’t know if there is any way of saying this without getting myself in trouble,” Burrell said. “But there is definitely a different excitement level [in Philadelphia]. I think more than anything, there is a stronger tradition for baseball there. That goes without saying.”

Burrell knows playing in Philadelphia was rough. And we know we were damn hard on Pat the Bat. But Burrell is a smart fella, realizing we booed the hell out of him because we loved him and wanted him to perform. Donovan McNabb of the Eagles knows it and so does Jimmy Rollins.

“You talk to a lot of players and certain players don’t like to play in Philly,” Burrell said. “Certain guys love it and I was one of the guys that really enjoyed it. I probably saw the full parameter of the good and the bad. But at all times you knew that people cared. They want you to win and they come out and support you. I’m not sure enough players appreciate that because there aren’t many places like it. You have Chicago, New York, and places like that, but I think it’s the minority.”

Burrell had a rough year last year. Playing through injuries, he hit .221 with a career-low 14 home runs and 64 RBIs. It was his worst season since 2003, when he hit just .209 with the Phillies after signing a six-year contract extension. Ah 2003: the year we started riding him pretty hard.

We couldn’t break a man like Pat the Bat. If you can play in Philly, you play in any city, even Chicago and NY. It’s easy to root for a winning team every year in NY. And Chicago has seen success in other sports to ease the sting of the Cubs 100 years of misery. Philly has suffered more than any city in sports yet we still love our guys.

And we also don’t bring cowbells to a damn baseball game.

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