Friday Tweet-Off

Seeing as last week’s inaugural Tweet-off went well, I asked five more Phillies fans five new questions and got some great responses. Here they are:

Who will be the Phillies MVP off the bench this year and why?
@LONG_DRIVE: I think Dobbs. I think he’ll return to where he was at in ’08 and give them a big lift. Close second will be Francisco.

What will Roy Halladay’s first regular season box score look like?
@M_OMalley: 0 runs 0 hits 27 strike outs 0.00 ERA… oh and 0 walks. ; )

Can you describe how amazing Werth’s beard truly is?
@JWerthsBeard: There are so many things awesome about it, so it shall take some time… I’m so awesome b/c I make grown men cry, have more fans than the Nationals, & would’ve been able to stop Sidney Crosby’s shot.

What prospect will have the biggest impact in the future for the Phils?
@j42justin of Red Pinstripes: Obvious pick: Dom Brown, 5-tool outfielder, top prospect. Sleeper: Trevor May, hard throwing right hander. 95k in 77.1 lowA

Who is your favorite Phillies beat writer and why?
@phillysniper76: I like Andy Martino (@phillieszone), He is very well connected with the team and he knows his stuff…Andy makes you feel like you are part of the team, the stats, the clubhouse stuff and the other in tangibles…I also like Meredith Morokovits, from the fanatic, for a woman she gets in there and gets the story. very reliable sources.

Random hits:

@ryanlawrence21 of Delco Times: You know how when you play at Wrigley the ball can get lost in the ivy? What are the odds a ball gets lost in @JWerthsBeard this year?

@The700Level: Beardface just had a brilliant idea for a fan group at CBP, “Werth’s Disciples.” Has anyone come up with that yet?

@TimothyMalcom after the 3-2 walk-off ST win against NYY: Phillies win game 7! Best of nine series now 4-3.


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