All-Bearded Team

Jayson Werth has given me inspiration. With the excitement for the 2010 season growing as fast as facial hair on Werth, I’ve decided to look back at some of the greatest facial hair to don a Phillies uniform. I give to you the first ever All-Bearded Team!

P: Roy Halladay

Red Beard will be famous.

C: Sal Fasano

Fasano rocked the classic "Foo-Man-Chu" in Philly

1B: John Kruk

John Kruk: Bringing the mullet back.
Krukker had a mullet to go with his goatie.

2B: Eric Bruntlett

SS: Dickie Thon

3B: Mike Schmidt

It's the Michael Jack stache. Nothing thwarts the power of the stache!

LF: Garry Maddox

I don't know what to call that but the afro made it epic!

CF: Bake McBride

RF: Pete Incaviglia

Inky had a stache or beard to go with his mullet

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