Offseason news 2/22/10

Lidge ahead of schedule: Closer Brad Lidge is ahead of schedule to be ready to pitch by opening day. He threw off of a mound today, throwing only 20 fastballs. Pitching coach Rich Dubee doesn’t want Lidge throwing any sliders yet. A bull pen session could be in store for Lidge next Thursday.

“[Originally] two weeks behind … I feel like I’m ahead of that now,” Lidge said. “My arm is weak right now but strength is something that comes naturally. I didn’t come out and feel 100% but I didn’t expect that. My lower half is feeling strong. That’s an encouraging sign.”

Lopes not retiring yet: After Todd Zolecki reported on Twitter that Jayson Werth hinted at first base coach Davey Lopes possibly returing after the seaosn. Lopes confirmed that he is not planning to retire yet.

“One of these years I will retire,” Lopes said. “I’ll know when it’s time to go. Is it getting close? Probably so. I’m going to be 65. I’ve been in the game a long time.”

Jesus had a brother named Jayson: Thank you Zolecki for this picture:

user posted image

Romero to throw Saturday: Following suit of Lidge’s return to tossing, J.C. Romero will throw from a mound on Saturday as well. Like Lidge, this is good news as the pen hopes to have both of those guys fully healthy for the whole season.

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