A Twitter Debate with Jessica Quiroli

I decided to challenge one of my favorite Tweeters on Twitter, Jessica Quiroli, to a small debate on the 2010 season. It started a couple nights ago and spanned to tonight. Quiroli is a freelance writer for the Phillies and their affiliates, the Yankees Double A affiliate, Trenton Thunder, and Junior Baseball Magazine. You can easily follow Quiroli on @heelsonthefield and read her blog, High Heels on the Field.

Here is the transcript of our chat. She decided to start it off with asking my favorite Yankee knowing my loyalty to the Phillies:

heelsonthefield: Your favorite Yankee!

TeamToBeat: Derek Jeter is my favorite Yankee because he is a class act on and off the field. Every team needs a Jeter

Heels: Agreed. I think Utley conducts himself the same as Jeter.

TTB: minus a few F-bombs haha

Heels: Oh. Yea. That. Lol #TheUtleyLegendSpeech

TTB: who has the best infield in baseball?

Heels: Marlins, Dodgers, Phillies & Yankees

TTB: to answer my IF q, I think the Phillies could have the best IF in baseball IMO. Offensively/defensively they get it done

TTB: which newly acquired FA/traded player will have the biggest impact on their new team?

Heels: It’s like you’re setting me up. ha…oh, let me see…I’m going to say the #Phillies & #Mariners. #FAJackpot

Heels: Sorry, it’s late. To correctly answer: Halladay & Lee.

TTB: I have to agree. Lee is going to help SEA but Halladay should feast on weaker hitting in the NL East.

Heels: What gives #Phillies fans more confidence: starting rotation or the bullpen? (Halladay can’t win every game)

TTB: I can see an argument for both: Halladay takes pressure off Cole, a huge plus indeed and should improve Cole’s year

TTB: but the pen’s addition of Baez and Contreras and a healthy Lidge gives us a lot of confidence late in games

TTB: who will be the surprise team this year (e.g. COL in 09, TB in 08)?

Heels: I don’t make predictions, so I can’t answer that one. 🙂

TTB: I know you don’t do predictions but who are your 2010 WS teams?

Heels: You’re killing me. 😉 Ok..if I answer this, I risk aggravating certain baseball fans. I don’t know if I want to do that.

TTB: I never get angry with predictions. I mean Philly has gotten snubbed in every sport except hockey this year. Give it a go

Heels: I don’t mean you would. But I’ve been called names, traitor for one, and it’s tiring. I’d like people to be more ojective.

TTB: well in your objective opinion lol

Heels: I think the NL team will be the #Dodgers. But I’m NOT making a prediction. Just on paper, they look really good.

TTB: so will it be too much to ask if there is an AL team that will face the Dodgers?

Heels: Ok. Here goes: The #Yankees. I’d like to imagine the #Tigers or #Twins have a shot. But…

Heels: I really hope I don’t get any nasty tweets from #Phillies fans for answering @TeamToBeat’s questions.

TTB: if you do, Im sorry. As for me: Phils and Cards seem to be the best in the NL and I think NYY and SEA could be the AL teams

TTB: Thank you for the little baseball chat.

Heels: No problem. I love a great baseball chat/debate.


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