Gagne Trying Out with Phillies

No not Simon of the Flyers. Eric Gagne told a French Canadian radio station that he was trying our with the Phillies today. This is just another move that Ruben Amaro Jr. described as “low-risk, high reward” in the past when talking about bull pen help. Basically folks, Amaro found Gagne in the bargain bin and his hoping he can still pitch.

His stats via

Gagne, 34, saved 161 games while posting a 1.82 ERA and striking out an average of 13.4 batters per nine innings for the Dodgers from 2002-2006. During that 5-year stretch, he was one of the most dominant closers in baseball, allowing a meager 0.827 walks and hits per inning in 240 appearances.

But after saving 16 games and posting a 2.16 ERA for the Rangers in the first half of 2007, Gagne was traded to Boston and struggled, allowing 14 runs in 18 2/3 innings.

Gagne was listed on the 2007 Mitchell Report along with 86 other players. He was accused of purchasing HGH while with the Dodgers in 2004. Gagne was a much better pitcher when he was on steroids.

“I’m very excited to have this chance,” Gagne told CKAC Sports yesterday. “There are many players that I know well on that team, including Jayson Werth (team mates in LA).”


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