Phils to Turn Aumont Into Starter

Highly-touted pitching prospect Phillippe Aumont, who was acquired in the Cliff Lee deal from Seattle, is going to be transformed from a reliever prospect to a starting prostpect in 2010 Jim Salisbury reported today. Aumont is a 21 year-old righty who towers at 6’7″ and has a fastball that hits around 97. He was one of the players that impressed during the World Baseball Classic last Spring for Canada. Seattle brought him up as a starter in 2008 but threw him in the pen to try to turn him into a closer.

As long as the Phillies do not rush him into the majors, this could be a good idea. If you remember, Ryan Madson was the same way but was rushed in as a starter and failed miserably. Now he’s a tall righty arm in the pen that hits the mid-high 90’s.

With Jamie Moyer and Kyle Kendrick battling for the 5th starting spot, Aumont’s shot at the rotation could come as early as 2011. I could see Aumont making a spot start or two during the 2010 season. He has immense talent and has already proved a thing or two, allowing the Phillies to give up Kyle Drabek to obtain a much better pitcher in Roy Halladay than the alreayd incredible Cliff Lee.

People, the Phillies are on the right track for 2010. Better rotation, bench, and a good move away from having an improved bull pen. The farm system still has a lot of future talent in it. Get excited because pitchers and catchers report February 18.

1 thought on “Phils to Turn Aumont Into Starter

  1. […] He’s a prospect and has so much potential. I talked a lot about him in the post about the Phillies wanting to turn him into a starter. He’s young (21), is 6’7” […]

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