Bozied and Baez

Bozied and Baez: sounds like a bad comedy routine from the 50’s. Well this duo is Tagg Bozied, a firt baseman, and Danys Baez, a reliever. Reports all over Twitter have said the Phillies signed the Bozied, a once highly regarded prospect with the Padres who suffered a torn tendon in his knee. He was in the Pirates’ Triple-A club last season where he batted .288 in 240 plate appearances.

The mystery pitcher that we heard about last week turned out to be Baez, who the Phillies are now close to signing. The 32-year-old righty pitched 71.2 innings for the Orioles last year, allowing 59 hits and 22 walks. He struck out 40 for an ERA of 4.02.

Both are solid signings. The Phillies needed a veteran specialist to replace Scott Eyre and they got that in Baez. They also got a prospect who still has a lot of potential but had a major injury a couple years ago in Bozied. Bozied could make a run at a spot on the roster eventually during the season and could maybe (big maybe) be the replacement for Matt Stairs.


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