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Phillies Worst Decade Team

So we had the decade team; the cream of the crop, the best of the best. Well now we have our loveable losers. Guys that made you want to drop your head in your hands and ask, “Why is this happening?” Here is our 25-man roster that, if they played on one team, you wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry:

nondecadestarters.jpg picture by SpartanC63

Manager – Terry Francona (2000): This was hard because Francona only managed in 2000 of this decade (1997-2000 was his tenure) and Larry Bowa and Charlie Manuel were both good managers. In 2000, the Phillies were 65-97 under Terry. Francona no doubt is a great manager seeing that he won two World Series’ with Boston in 2004 and 2007.

C – Todd Pratt (2001-2005): This was a tough choice because there were a lot of decent but never truly awful catchers except for Sal Fasano who is our back-up. Pratt was never a great hitter nor a good fielder. He was never a true starter seeing that the most he started in a year was 49 times.

1B – Travis Lee (2000-20002): He was disappointing. The decade was filled with good first basemen from Rico Brogna to Jim Thome to Ryan Howard but Lee was just terrible. He batted .258 in his 2 1/2 years in Philly and never amounted to anything he was supposed to be.

2B – Eric Bruntlett (2008-2009): He was brought to Philly to be a good utility fielder and solid bat off the bench. He wasn’t even close to that. He batted .202 in Philly including a putrid .171 in 2009. Yea he had the unassisted triple play but that came after he made two errors to put those guys on base! Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.

3B – David Bell (2003-2006): He was a huge disappointment. He was brought here to be a 15-20 homer guy and only reached that mark once (18 in 2004). He was a terrible fielder and a washed up hitter. He retired after the 2006 year with Milwaukee.

SS – Desi Relaford (2000): He was the only guy to play short other than Jimmy Rollins. But he played with the Phillies from 1996-2000 and he was awful. He was a career .243 hitter but was a .234 hitter with Phillies. In 2000, he .221 in 83 games before he was dumped to San Diego.

LF – Kevin Sefcik (2000): Like Relaford, Sefick did most of his wasting space prior to 2000. He was a career bench player and was terrible when he played. He had one good year in 1998 but was never more than an okay pinch hitter. He had one at bat in 2001 with Colorado and never played an inning again.

CF – Marlon Byrd (2002-2005): He was never bad but the pickings for outfield were slim. He blew up in 2003 but then sunk to disgusting lows. His Philly average was a .271, which sucked for a lead off hitter (Rollins can get away with it because he does so much more). Byrd has in fact improved a lot as he is starting in Texas.

RF – Endy Chavez (2005): He was a bench guy brought in to be a defensive replacement and a late innings pinch runner. He barely got on base enough to do any damage, stealing only two bases and getting caught once. Like Relaford Chavez didn’t see much action because Bobby Abreu, Shane Victorino, and Jayson Werth have all started in right the entire decade.

SP – Adam Eaton (2007-2008): He earned “Bust of the Decade” in my books. He killed the Phillies long after they got rid of him because they still had to pay his salary in 2008-09. In his two years, he was 14-18 with a 6.10 ERA and a 1.63 WHIP. He got a ring because he was somehow a part of the championship team and was booed by the Phillies crowd at the ring ceremony in April 09 because they know for a fact he didn’t do a damn thing to earn it.

nondecaderotation.jpg picture by SpartanC63

Rest of the rotation:
SP – Freddy Garcia (2007)
SP – Bruce Chen (2000-2001)
SP – Jon Leiber (2005-2007)
SP – Brandon Duckworth (2001-2003)

nondecadebench.jpg picture by SpartanC63

C – Sal Fasano (2006)
3B – Wes Helms (2007)
IF – Abraham Nunez (2006-2007)
OF – Eric Valent (2001-2002)
OF – So Taguchi (2008)

nondecadebullpen.jpg picture by SpartanC63

Bull Pen:
RP – Tim Worrell (2004-2005)
RP – Amaury Telemaco (2000-2005)
RP – Antonio Alfonseca (2007)
RP – Arthur Rhodes (2006)
RP – Ugueth Urbina (2005)
RP – Tom Gordon (2006-2008)
CL – Jeff Brantley (2000)


One response to “Phillies Worst Decade Team

  1. Amanda December 31, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    This made me cringe. Lol. Good list for a bad team.

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