2009 Phillies Moment #5: Ring Ceremony Game

Is this moment more memorable because it was Harry’s last appearance at home?  Is it because it brought ‘closure’ to the 2008 World Series Champions and announced 2009 was underway?  How about the crazy game that followed the ceremony?  It was all of these.

The Phillies trailed 10-3 to Atlanta going into the bottom of the seventh when they exploded for eight runs to take the lead for good.  In the process they picked up their first win of the 2009 season.  Not only that, but none of the runs scored came on extra base hits.  Eight runs on three singles, four bases loaded walks and a ground out.

The ring ceremony was one of the highlights of the day, most of the current Phils got their rings from 2008.  Guys who weren’t even with the club at the time came by. Former Phil Pat Burrell made a quick appearance to pick up his ring and get one final salute from the Phils fans.  Unfortunately for Adam Eaton he did show, and the fans let him know how much they appreciated his 2008 efforts (or lack thereof).

But the biggest story was the final public appearance of Harry Kalas.  None of the fans at the game or watching on television knew it at the time, but as HK threw out the first pitch, that would be the last time we’d see him at Citizens Bank Park.

-Real Deal

I was at this game. Such an unbelievable day. Like Dan said, we didn’t know at the time that this was going to be HK’s last home game. I had to be back at school to turn in a paper and planned on leaving after the seventh because Shane Victorino, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard were due up. Me and my brother went downstairs and watched the game from the first base side and we were in awe watching the come back. We left after the eight-run inning, listening to it on the radio.



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