Halladay Sweepstakes

So what is Roy Halladay worth to me? If I was Ruben Amaro, what would I be willing to give up to obtain an amazing pitcher like Halladay? Well I have a few different packages I would like to send to Toronto in exchange for Doc.

I was discussing this with my friend Justin Evans of Red Pinstripes Are Cooler and Amanda Orr of Phillies Nation and there were a couple packages we would have made for these reasons:

J.A. Happ and Michael Taylor  for Halladay: Taylor is blocked by Jayson Werth in the outfield but is the most Major League ready player in their farm system. The Jays also showed interest in Happ at the deadline but the Phillies wouldn’t budge. The only problem with this is that the Phillies don’t dumb any salary and could not be able to afford to keep both Halladay and Cliff Lee.

Joe Blanton and Taylor for Halladay: This trade would work because the Phillies would be able to dump the salary of Blanton and use it towards Halladay’s and Lee’s deals. The only problem with this is that It would leave the Phillies with only one good right-handed arm in the rotation and would probably help Kyle Kendrick’s chances of making the rotation next year if the Phillies don’t sign a righty starter.

Jayson Werth package for Halladay:  They could use that money when re-signing Lee and Halladay. Werth and Blanton would make a nice salary dump for a great pitcher. That would allow Ben Francisco to start in RF and see Taylor make it to the majors and hopefully have a huge impact.

Blanton/Happ and Domonic Brown for Hallady: This would be a more ideal deal for me. Brown isn’t major league ready yet even though that is what the Jays want. Happ and Blanton are proven pitchers. Blanton provides the salary dump but unbalances the rotation.

I personally want to hold onto Werth and Taylor because when Ibanez is done, we will need to fill that hole. Werth gives the Phillies a right-handed power bat and Taylor has such a high upside that I can’t wait to see an outfield with Taylor, Shane Victorino, and Werth in it.

UPDATE: After talking with Evans again today, he made a very good point: Happ, Brown, and a couple mid-level prospects for Halladay and he would pull the trigger in a heartbeat. I understand that my deals alone wouldn’t bring Halladay and should have added that I would throw in a couple prospects to cushion the deal.


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