Phillies Sign C Schneider

In an act of revenge for the Chris Coste signing (not really), the Phillies signed former Mets catcher Brian Schneider to a 2-year deal worth about $3 million. The left-handed Schneider hit .218 last season in 59 games with the New York Mets, but hit .382 (13-for-34) in his final 13 games. He missed 41 games earlier in the season with a strained back muscle.

This is a great signing for the Phillies. They have their first really reliable back-up catcher since Johnny Estrada. He will add a decent bat and solid defense, something the Phillies have lacked in that position. Coste had a better bat then Schneider but defense is what the Phillies are interested in and Scheider is an improvement from Coste and Paul Bako in that category.


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