Bozied and Baez

Bozied and Baez: sounds like a bad comedy routine from the 50’s. Well this duo is Tagg Bozied, a firt baseman, and Danys Baez, a reliever. Reports all over Twitter have said the Phillies signed the Bozied, a once highly regarded prospect with the Padres who suffered a torn tendon in his knee. He was in the Pirates’ Triple-A club last season where he … Continue reading Bozied and Baez

2009 Phillies Moment #5: Ring Ceremony Game

Is this moment more memorable because it was Harry’s last appearance at home?  Is it because it brought ‘closure’ to the 2008 World Series Champions and announced 2009 was underway?  How about the crazy game that followed the ceremony?  It was all of these. The Phillies trailed 10-3 to Atlanta going into the bottom of … Continue reading 2009 Phillies Moment #5: Ring Ceremony Game