26 Candidates Up for Hall Election

Roberto Alomar, Edgar Martinez, Barry Larkin, and Fred McGriff lead the list of first-timers on the Hall of Fame ballot.  Mark McGwire, Don Mattingly, Dale Murphy, Andre Dawson, and Bert Blyleven are all making return trips to the ballot. Also on the ballot for the first time are Kevin Appier, Ellis Burks, Andres Galarraga, Pat Hentgen, Mike Jackson, Eric Karros, Ray Lankford, Shane Reynolds, David Segui, Robin Ventura, and Todd Zeile.

This could be the year Matingly rightfully makes it into the hall. I also feel that Alomar has a shot at being a first ballot guy. A career .307 hitter, Mattingly is considered one of the greats in Yankees lore. He has never played in a World Series game yet played his entire career in New York, a very odd piece of trivia. He also won the AL MVP in 1985.

Alomar was a career .300 hitter. He was a player I was able to watch. He had an amazing glove, winning ten Gold Gloves, and has won the Silver Slugger four times. He was a 12x all star and was a member of the 1992 and 1993 Toronto Blue Jays team that won the World Series.

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