PRC: Jamie Moyer

Player: Jamie Moyer
Number: 50
Position: SP/RP
Bats/Throws: L/L

Consistency: Moyer was not the same pitcher he was in 2008. He was shaky all season and somehow got the wins because the offense showed up every time he pitched. In fact, of his 25 starts, he pitched seven full innings only four times and averaged only 5.2 innings a start, a number that any starter shouldn’t be proud of. He was demoted to the bull pen in favor of Pedro Martinez and wound up pitching in long relief a couple times after rain delays and found himself to be very effective. As a reliever, he posted a 1.93 ERA and was 2-0.

He didn’t pitch in the playoffs because he got hurt towards the end of the season, finishing his season. That actually helped the Phillies because it would have been tough leaving him off the roster without upsetting him even more even though winning is more important than feelings.

Regular Season Stats: 12-10, 30 games, 25 starts, 162.0 IP, 177 H, 91 R, 89 ER, 27 HR, 43 BB, 94 K, 4.94 ERA, 1.36 WHIP

Post Season Stats: none

Health: He was fine until his season ending groin tear when fielding a ground ball. He has always been in great shape so this injury doesn’t concern me for next season.

Intangibles: He is another great veteran leader for the team. His 23 years in the league really showed this past season as he was a shell of his former self. His biggest problem was allowing runners on base and home runs, two things you can’t do in a hitter’s park. His fastball only goes about 81 MPH now and his once effective change-up only goes 76 MPH. With little difference in speed between those two pitches, it’s much easier for batters to wait on the off-speed stuff.

Overall Grade: C. He just wasn’t as affective this year. He had something going for him as a reliever but the injury ended that. He will be back next year and will fight for the #5 spot in the rotation but he will be of more use coming out of the pen to pitch in long relief.


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