Phillies 2009 Moment #9: Phillies All Star OF Trio

With no disrespect to Chase Utley & Ryan Howard, having an outfield all-star trio is rare.  In fact, it’s only happened thirteen times. The last time a team had all three starting outfielders go to the All-Star game was the 1995 Cleveland Indians.  The Indians manager at the time?  None other than current Phillie skipper Charlie Manuel.

All three got in through different routes.  Ibanez was voted in as a starter by the fans.  Ibanez was also the third-oldest position player to make the all-star game for the first time.  Shane Victorino won the ‘final vote’ by the fans, and ended up starting the game.  Jayson Werth was added to the roster by Manuel after Carlos Beltran was injured.  Adding Werth, Manuel said:

I also take into consideration the skill in a guy, the things he can do. Werth can do [it all]. He’s very good in the outfield, he’s got a great arm, he can run, he can steal a base, he can hit the ball out of the ballpark to any part of the field. He’ll take a walk. There are things he can do to help you win besides hitting

At the time, Werth was third in the NL in Home Runs with 20, fifth in RBI with 54, eighth in stolen bases with 12, second in runs with 59 and second in walks with 49. 

Ibanez, who started off the season white hot, hit .309 with 22 Home Runs.  He also knocked in 60 RBI.  Victorino matched Ibanez with a .309 average while stealing 15 bases and pounding out 108 hits.

All three were noted for above-average defensive ability, finishing in the top 20 in outfield assists.  Werth lead the way for the trio with 11; Ibanez had 9 and Victorino rounded out the group with 8.



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