2009 Phillies Moment #10: Pedro Outduels Lincecum

(September 3, 2009)

Seven innings, two earned runs.  You’d think it would be a good night.  For Tim Lincecum, it was good enough for an L.  Lincecum may have won the Cy Young for 2009, but on this date, Pedro Martinez was better.  He looked like the Pedro Martinez of old, going seven innings. After allowing a leadoff home run to Eugenio Velez, Pedro settled down nicely, striking nine out, while throwing just 87 pitches.  Giants Manager Bruce Bochy had this to say:

He had a little more life on his fastball, good movement and he had good command. He used his changeup well. I will admit he had a little bit more life than I thought.

The Phillies got runs by a Ryan Howard RBI Double, and a Jayson Werth home run, but the night belonged to Martinez.  He retired thirteen consectutive batters between the first and fifth innings, including striking seven of eight in a row. After the game, Pedro said:

This gives me a great sense of satisfaction to be able to do this,” said Martinez, after picking his third victory. The veteran right hander threw seven innings, allowing just one earned run with no walks and nine strikeouts. To show that I am still able to do it even though I am not fully 100 percent there. I’m able to make some adjustments and battle through. I wanted this kind of game. It’s September already. I need to get it all together if I’m going to be able to help this team. Today was a big step.

Pedro finished with a 5-1 record and a 3.63 ERA with 37 strikeouts, and this game surely won’t be forgotten.

-By Realdeal


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